Ordinary Day

Step inside an ordinary day

This is a true story about a young man named David. He was the eighth child and the last son of his family. He was considered as the black sheep of the family and his rich family gave him menial jobs, like caring for the neighbors sheep and running errands for his seven brothers  who were in the army. In one day David became a warrior, leader and eventually became the king of his country. One particular spring when kings went to war. King David decided to stay home and not go to work. Basically putting himself out of position.  He awakes that evening and takes a stroll on the rooftop of his palace and sees the most beautiful married woman bathing in the privacy of her own courtyard at home. Lusting and desiring after her led him to make one of the biggest adulteress acts of all times. Which lead him to murder one of his most trusted soldiers and  an Officer. Who was a part of the special forces of 37 special royal guards to the king. Masking it by stealing his wife, marrying her and goin on like nothing happened. All in an ordinary day . 

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